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A Laxmi Puja Special: Investing in Cryptocurrencies Might Reshape your Life


Published on: November 4, 2021,

Today is Laxmi Puja. We will be welcoming Goddess of wealth Goddess Laxmi in our homes. From early dawn we have started cleaning our home. But where is Goddess Laxmi? Goddess Laxmi is in big corporate companies. She is in big investments, private companies, shares and now in cryptocurrencies.


Crypto currencies is a digital payment maintained by a network of computers. They use cryptography to authenticate transactions. It is a collection of binary data designed as a medium of exchange.


Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency. It is the first decentralized crypto currency. It started its testing from 2009. The developers bought two pizzas by paying bit coin for purchase.  Today the price is one bitcoin is around $60,000. Since then many crypto currencies has started with total market value over 100 billion. There are now many crypto currencies. Some of their names are bitcoin, ethereum, binance coin, solana and tether. Prices of few crypto currencies such as bitcoin has risen exponentially.


To trade in crypto currencies you might first buy some coins. There is nothing in business you can start things for free. To get something you should give something. You can buy any fractions of bitcoin. You can trade it in sites such as or Binance is more popular and simpler to use then Kucoin. You need to first create an account. You can invest upto $15000 and wait for the price to go up. As per the data the prices go up and there are few coins whose price has dropped to zero as well. There are tons of videos on youtube and other that will show you how. You need to have clear idea about hammer, candlesticks, scalping as well.


So at last happy laxmi puja! May she fulfill our material desires. Stay safe! Stay blessed!



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