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World’s Largest “Raptor” Dinosaurs Lived 10 Million Years Earlier Than Thought


Published on: May 9, 2023,

Dinosaurs are pre historic creatures assumed to live and became extinct millions of years ago. The Utah raptor the world’s largest raptor is now estimated to be 135 million years ago, 10 million years ago that previously thought. With this finding the dinosaur narrows the gap in the rock record between Jurrasic and Cretaceous period in Utah. If you celebrate the birthday of dinosaur there will 10 million more candles needed on its next birthday cake. A study of fossil found the biggest raptor is 10 million years than previously understood.



“We determined the age of the dinosaur Utahraptor and found that it was much older than previously supposed,” said Gregory Ludvigson, emeritus senior scientist with the Kansas Geological Survey at KU. The study took place in Utha as the well-known Utahraptor Ridge site, named for larger cousins of the ferocious velociraptor dinosaur (known to fans of “Jurassic Park”). The ridge is home to Stikes Quarry fossil quicksand pakced with dinosaur fossils that are largely intact and preserved. Stikes is a part of Cedar mountains formation, a rock unit containing fossils of more kinds of dinosaur than any formation in the world.



The scientists took two research approaches which is uranium/ lead dating and the second looked at changes in the relative abundance of two types of stable carbon isotopes found in buried organic matter. The revised age indicates the rocks at the Stikes Quarry are at least 135 million years old. It’s big chunk of time and there will be more to study about fossil fuels which can give more information about how dinosaurs lives and evolved along with its extinction.


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