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Want To Live Longer? – Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Do So  


Published on: July 29, 2021,


A team of chemists from University of Surrey has built artificial intelligence model that can identify chemical compounds that can extend a person’s lifespan.


According to paper published by Nature Communication  machine learning model based can predict whether chemical compounds can extend longer. The AI model has a translucent worm which shares similar metabolisms to humans  and it’s lifespan gave the chance to research chemical compounds.


The AI found three compounds that have 80 percent chance to increase life years of a person. These chemical are


Flavonoids- They are a diverse group of phytonutrients which are available in almost all of fruits and vegetables. Flavonoids are present in 6000 types


Fatty Acids- They are building blocks of the fat in our bodies. They are absorbed into blood after the body breaks fats into fatty acids.


Organooxygens -compounds that contain carbon to oxygen bon like alcohol and aldehydes


Sofia Kapsiani, co author of the study and a student said, “Aging happens due to age related diseases as per modern science and AI’s digital  technologies can protect against aging and age related diseases. Our study demonstrates the revolutionary ability of AI to identify compounds with anti-aging properties.”


Dr. Brendan Howlin, lead author of the study and Senior Lecturer in Computational Chemistry at the University of Surrey, said, “ This research shows the power and it’s future potential of AI, which is a specialty of the University of Surrey, to drive significant benefits in human health.”



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