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US Army to Replace M4, M16 and SAW with Next Generation Squad Rifles


Published on: November 1, 2021,

US army is constantly working on new technologies and making new weapons. US army is seeking substitute for M4 carbine, M16 and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. It will be replaced by next generation Squad Weapon rifle. They will be in process in production in an year. They are expected to be selected by mid- 2022 told Maj. Gen. Anthony Potts in U.S Army’s annual meeting.


There are three prototypes called Textron prototype, Sig Sauer prototype and General Dynamics prototype. One of these three prototypes one will be selected.


It took a year for Army to decide on caliber also called diameter or bore of a gun barrel.  They ultimately choose “intermediate” 6.88 mm to replace existing 5.56 mm used in M4, M16 and M249. The caliber shows better performance, accuracy and lethality and control than 5.56 mm. The 6.88 mm is similar to classic .270 caliber that was used in haunting. The 5.56mm has a lethal range of about 300 meters, versus 600 meters for the new 6.8mm.


“The selected weapon can go out at ranges unknown today. This is a very sophisticated weapon said” said then-Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said in 2019.


Sig Sauer has built a weapon similar in style and feel to existing rifle configuration. He has previously won the contract to replace the M9 pistol with Modular Handgun System or M17.


Lonestar Future Weapons wen with bullpup design popular with foreign militaries. It has handgrip and trigger that keeps barrel length in more compact package.


Textron systems is relying on their caseless telescoped ammunition. It has a polymer system where the bullet is encased, shortening the overall length but it provides the same ballistic capabilities as standard brass casings at a reduced weight.


All three designs are suppressor capable. Each of the manufacturers initially had to supply 53 rifles and 43 automatic rifles, as well as 850,000 rounds of ammunition, for testing.



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