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Unknown Hidden Chamber Discovered in the Great Egyptian Pyramid


Published on: March 7, 2023,


The Great Pyramid of Giza is largest Egyptian Pyramids and oldest of seven wonders of the Ancient World. It was built in early 26th century BC and is only one to remain largely intact. A previously unknown chamber has been discovered by international research team. The Pyramid is one of the best investigated structures in the world and this finding has been particularly important.  The Pyramids are said to have many mysteries. TUM researchers have solved one more pyramid mysteries. The Munich scientists have proven the existence of empty chamber which is above the original entrance to the Pyramid which is not accessible to the public.



The TUM researcher group have been on board since 2019 helping to explore the pyramid for hidden structures. They use various non-destructive testing methods which make it possible to look into stone blocks and areas behind them. The tram used ultrasound measuring devices that can be used on a non-destructive basis and in part even contact free.  The team found opening between the stones of chevron, a solid stone construction. The camera confirmed the existence of hollow space. The chamber is found to accommodate several people. And this makes the discovery more important. There are no footprints or other evidence of human activity to be seen within the chamber. Thus the research group assumes that this room has not been seen by anyone for approximately the last 4,500 years.



The new chamber calls for further research and what lies at the back wall of the room will require additional research. The confirmed findings highlight the need for further investigation of Egyptians pyramids and there will be new approach using a combination of various testing technologies and procedures.


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