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U.S military to replace F-16 Viper fighter planes with F-36 Kingsnake


Published on: May 20, 2022,

U.S military has expressed its new stealthy fighter jets to replace F-16. In 2021 U.S Air Force Chief of staff Gen. C.Q. Brown announced the service was looking into buying a brand new fighter jet with F-36 Kingsnake. Stephen Mcparlin and James Smith helped bring F-35 joint Strike Fighter and Eurofighter Tychoon to life. Illustrator Andy Godfrey from Teasel Studio took their ideas and created the concept art for F-36.


F-36’s Kingsnake was derived from snakes in Northen America that can live up to 30 years. Kingsnakes feed upon other snakes and it is thought with proper name to replace viper . F-36 Kingsnake will re use technologies that would speed up the process. The F-36 uses the F-22 Raptor’s F119 afterburning turbofan engine to achieve a top speed of Mach 2.Also Kingsnake is equipped with electronically scanned array radar. It the same system used in latest version of F-16 and infrared sesnsor system derived from targeting pod.


Kingsnake will be multi role fighter jets capable of air to air and air to ground missions. The Jet will carry missiles and guided bombs in internal bays. Also it will be equipped with gun capable of attacking enemy ground forces.


F-36 Kingsnake will be more affordable and will have more features in it. The requirement for Sub5-th generation fighter is not declared yet. The air force will make up its mind by 2023. Air force recently admitted to designing and building its sixth generation fighter jet it could build a plane fairly quicker.


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