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The Magic Number – New Research Sheds Light on How Often You Need To Exercise To Make It Worth It


Published on: October 6, 2023,


Exercises are must for a healthy life. Even if you do not exercise daily or lift weights daily a new study provides insights into the frequency of exercise needed to reap its benefits. New research from Edith Cowan University might be able to shed light on how often you need to work out each week to make it worthwhile. A new research was conducted to see participants perform a single three second, maximum effort bicep contraction which was similar to slowly lower a heavy dumbbell form a bent arm to a straight arm. Participants in the new study were split in to two groups with the first group perform a single three second contraction two days per week and other perform the same exercise three days per week.


After four weeks researchers compared bicep strength. Those who performed exercise two days per week saw no significant changes however who performed exercise three days saw significant increase in concentric strength by 2.5 percent and eccentric strength by 3.9 percent.  ” Our previous work has shown regular shorter exercise is more beneficial than one or two big training sessions in a week,” professor Nosaks said. Now there is a clear idea where tipping point is and where you start to see meaningful benefits from such minimal exercise. As per these results at least three days of exercise are required at least for the single three second eccentric contraction training. Even if the finding showed three days per week will have an impact a couple of exrtra days of exercise per week will provide better results.



Professor Nosaka said more research was needed to see if the finding apply to other volumes of exercise. Muscles enjoying a frequent stimulation may not be the case for a greater volume of aerobic exercises to improve cardiovascular function. Exercising once a week for 2 hours is less effective is less effective that exercising every day for 20 minutes. If is not possible to have 20 minutes a day even five minutes a day make a difference for fitness and health. It is important to note that even a very small amount of exercise can make a difference to our body, if it is performed regularly.


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