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Supersonic Flights might be Possible in Future


Published on: February 9, 2022,

There is ban on commercial supersonic  flight  as they cause loud noise. NASA hopes the ban on commercial supersonic flight over land can be replaced by replacing the loud sonic boom with softer sonic “thump.” A sonic boom happens when the shock waves from an object travelling through air faster than the speed of sound merge together before they reach the ground. Sonic booms generate  sound around 110 decibels. With unique design of X-59 quiet Supersonic Technology airplane, NASA hopes to make travelling with supersonic possible.


Engineers used a small scale model of the X-59 in NASA Glenn’s 8 by 6 foot supersonic wind tunnel to visualize the agency’s boom reducing technology and validate its boom predicting capabilities. The model measures about a foot and a half in length and was subjected to weeks of testing in the tunnel. “ With the X- 59 we can reduce the annoying sonic noises to something much quieter,” said John Wolter, lead researcher on the X-50 sonic boom wind tunnel test.


The model will travel to Tokyo in March for additional testing. NASA and Loockheed Martin are currently finalizing the build of the X-59 at the Skunkworks facility in California. In late 2022, NASA will test their initial flights. After flight tests NASA will verify aircraft if it can be implemented to general public.


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