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Stunning New Map of Mars Made combining 30000 observations


Published on: May 1, 2023,

Mars is a planet near to earth studied by researchers with a quest for human habitation. It is near to earth and also known as red planet.  NYU Abu Dhabi ( NYUAD) group leader and research scientist Dimitra  scientist Dimitra Atri from the Center for Space Science and his team has created a map of mars using images exclusively created from the Emirates Exploration Imager ( EXI). The EXI is state of art is an imaging system on board the Emirates Mars mission also known as Hope Al- Amal which is currently orbiting Mars. It shows the new images of the Red planet from the perspective of the Hope probe. Along with it is also a testament to the UAE’s huge advancement in the field of science and will be a resource to motivate young people to pursue careers in STEM discipline in the UAE.



The Mars Map is a result of 3000 observations produced by Hope’s onboard EXI instrument. Atri and his team has created the color composite by fixing thousands of observations from the EXI instrument over the course of one Mars.  The one year period of Mars is two period in Earth year. The Mars  Map shows regions and features in exceptional resolutions highlighting its major features such as polar ice caps, mountains, volcanoes etc.



“The complete Mars Map also brings the UAE and the Arab world another step closer to achieving EMM’s ambitious mission goal, to provide a complete global picture of the Martian climate,” Atri added. Before 30 previous spacecraft has managed to capture snapshot of Mars weather. The Hope probe is helping researcher to create this global image of the planet due to its strategic positions. The stunning photo will help to fascinate our perspective of Mars in a better way.



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