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Soil in the Moon Can Be Used To Generate Oxygen and Fuel for Moon Astronauts


Published on: May 8, 2022,

Our neighboring satellite is not habitable. Scientists till now research the planet looking for it to make habitable. Scientists have discovered that soil on the moon contain active compounds that can convert carbon di oxide into oxygen and fuels. They are currently investigating whether the lunar surface can be used to facilitate human exploration on the moon or beyond.


Scientists from Nanjing University  Yingfang Yao and Zhigang Zou hope to design a system that takes advantage of lunar soil and solar radiation. They found the sample contains compounds including iron rich and titanium rich substances that could work as a catalyst to make oxygen. The scientists proposed “extraterrestrial photosynthesis” strategy. The process yields hydrocarbons such as methane which can be used as fuel.   The team is looking for an opportunity to test the system in space with China’s crewed lunar missions.


“ We use in situ environmental resources to minimize payload, and our strategy provides a scenario  for sustainable and affordable  extraterrestrial living environment,” Yao says. Previously scientists have proposed strategies for extraterrestrial survival but most designs require energy sources from Earth. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover brought an instrument that use carbon dioxide in planet’s atmosphere to make oxygen.


In the near future there will be crewed spaceflight industry developing rapidly. The world will reach age of space and it will require relying on a little supply from Earth as possible and using extraterrestrial resources instead.


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