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Secrets to Telepathy, Eternal life and Light in Head


Published on: October 28, 2021,

This is based on my own research. I devised these secrets around ten years ago.  I am grateful to share my research to you and it works. At first a person needs to be clear about third eye, pineal gland and chakra system.


Chakra System: Chakras are bolts of energy. There are seven chakras from base of body to crown. Every chakra has its own function, color and music note. Seven main chakras are root chakra  represents grounding can be activated by color red and  music note C, sacral chakra represents  creativity can be activated by color orange and music note D, solar plexus chakra represents survival instinct and can be activated by color yellow and music note E, heart chakra represents love and can be activated by color green and music note F, throat chakra represents karma and can be activated by color blue and music note G, third eye chakra represents intuition and can be activated by color indigo and music note A and lastly crown chakra represents spirituality and can be activated by color violet  and music note B. You should have noticed that the chakra resembles rainbow system. This gives a new sight of creations. A white light can be dispersed into seven constituent colors. Similarly energies from chakra can move up and combine to form a white light.


Pineal Gland and Third Eye: Eyes we see on forehead of Hindu Gods symbolize third eye. Third eye can process matter and can sense energy. Pineal gland is located in core of our brain. Pine cones we see around Buddha’s head symbolize pineal gland. If this gland is activated divine energy flows which is very pleasing. Third eye represents masculine force which is aggressive and pineal gland holds feminine charge and hold pleasure. Pineal gland can distort time and space. When third eye is open any energy which comes out immediately turns into reality.


Secret to Light in Head: Round or spherical lights we see behind Hindu gods symbolize they have light inside their head. As energies from chakras move upward the energies can combine making a formation of light in head. It is not necessary that light in head can always be white. Any colors can combine. Indigo color of third eye can combine with violet color of crown. Red light from base chakra can combine with green light from heart chakra. Yoga and meditation and taking healthy diet helps is moving energies from chakra to your forehead.


Secrets Eternal Life: Our universe is made of dimensions and worm holes. We have 23 pairs of chromosomes. We only use few of these chromosomes. There are junk chromosomes lying there waiting to get activated and waiting to get used. These junk chromosomes can be activated and hight consciousness can be reached. Jesus could reach to 12 dimensions of reality. We can activate junk DNA’s and we any physical reality we desire. Time – space is four dimension of reality where space is measured in length, breadth and height. Time itself is like a mat in floor holding all the planets of solar system. Time-space symbolizes God Brahma (Notice he has four faces which symbolizes four dimension of reality). We see Goddess Saraswoti who is Goddess of knowledge of knowledge and arts. If you are a scholar and spend a lot of time with books you will have power of creation i.e masculine and feminine forces are co related.


Secrets to Telepathy: For telepathy we should have open third eye. When third eye is open and thought are sent out thoughts can be sensed and felt. Thoughts are energy and can be measured. With open third eye energy can be sent out and brain will decode it into information. Third eye can be activated using meditation.









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