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Research Shows That Playing Video Games Increases Your Intelligence


Published on: June 10, 2022,

Playing videogames is a form of entertainment with the advancement of technology. As of 2020, 200 million Americans play video games in United States alone. That means 65 percent of adults play video games. A new study finds that playing videogames boosts children’s intelligence by 2.5 IQ points. Though it is concerned that parents and children advocates violent video games can influence young players to commit violent acts. Video games are thought to be beneficial to both mind and body. Action video games are also thought to be beneficial to both and mind and the body.


Researchers as Sweden’s Karolinska Institute examined how children’s screen habits grow over time. They   discovered that youngsters who spent more time than average playing video games increased their IQ more than average. But watching TV or using social media had no effect. The research included over 9,000 boys and girls from the United States. The children were nine or ten years old when they took a battery of psychological tests to assess their intelligence. Just over 5,000 of the children were followed after two year and their psychological tests.  It was found that those who played more video games than average increased their intelligence between the two measurements by 2.5 IQ points.


It was also concluded that intelligence is not constant but a quality influenced by environmental factors. The researchers will also be studying effects of other environmental factors and how the cognitive effects relate to childhood brain development


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