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Predictions of the Start of World War 3: A Spiritual Perspective


Published on: November 15, 2021,

World War 3 Predictions:


The world has been experiencing increasing trend of natural disasters and terrorist activities. There is political upside down events. There are rumors that world war 3 has already started or it will start in near future. World war 3 has been predicted by Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. Spiritual research foundation has conducted when it could happen and afterwards. This article is based on study by Spiritual Science Research Foundation. The world war 3 won’t be between political parties it will be between good and evil forces. Thus it will be more severe and destructive.


World War 3 and Subtle Battle:


The universe is full of subtle forces of good and evil. It is fought is spiritual dimensions of good and evil. The evil forces of Universe sow rapid progressive deterioration of the world at various levels. This works in two ways

It decreases sattvikta ( putiry particles) in the world

It strengths the hold of forces of evil on mankind.


Since 1993 the negative subtle forces begin to sow seeds of evil destruction. There is more increasing of raja – tama particles in universe.


When will the world War 3 will start? Timeline of Events:


The physical war is thought to start from 2019. The year today is 2021. Is world war 3 secretly happening the answer may be yes but the timeline might vary as per the research. This is detailed event


Year Event
2015-2018 ·         Increase of war at the psychological level. Anger and instability will rise

among nations.

·         Small wars will also be fought.

·         Increase in natural disasters.

2019-2023 ·         Increase of war at the psychological level leading to actual war at the

            physical level which will become the start of World War 3.

·         Evil-doers and anti-social elements in society are eliminated at the

physical, psychological and spiritual levels.

·         Increase in natural disasters

·         In World War 2, approximately 30 nations took part in the war directly or indirectly,

in World War 3, 50% of all the countries in the world will be involved.

·         In the final stages, as some countries are nearing complete defeat, they will

resort to using nuclear weapons. With the ensuing widescale destruction from

using nuclear weapons, the war will come to an end within a few weeks.

·         Approximately half the world’s population will perish.

2023 onwards ·         People lose faith in politicians and turn towards Saints for their rescue and guidance.

·         Settling down of the environment and the start of the Divine Kingdom on Earth.

It is called a Divine Kingdom as there will be a significant overall increase in sattvikta

and there will be a rekindling of Spirituality all around the world.

·         As the Sattva component increases weather patterns will gradually normalize.

·         Learning governance of the Divine Kingdom.

·         The impact of this war will last for 30 years and rebuilding of life on Earth

will take 100 years.



Severity of World War 3


world war 1 happened when the world was possessed by mantriks from 2nd region of hell. World war 2 happened when Hitler was possessed by subtle-sorcerer from the 5th region of Hell. World war 3 will happen when subtle-sorcerers from the 6th and 7th region of Hell will be involved in the subtle battle. Thus the third world is thought to be more sever. The severity of first world war was 1, second world war was 1.5 and third world was 4.5 as more powerful evil forces will take part in third world war.



How can World War 3 can be avoided?


As per research by Spiritual Research Foundation it cannot be avoided. But has world war 3 already started and we do not now about as it was less severe. The answer may be yes. We are already near 2022 and as per the timeline there has not been a war like predicted. Chanting, meditation, agnihottra helps to make the war less severe. Also after 2023 God’s divine kingdom is about to start. People will run to saints for help and India will play a important plan in it. The article is not written to frighten people but to caution people and make ready the people for God’s divine kingdom.




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