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Perseid Meteor Shower to Happen on August 11


Published on: August 10, 2021,

Plan a night out to see the sky on August 11. This year’s clearest meteor shower will happen on the peak night of August 11 and there will be no moon to interfere. As August is known for meteor shower this yearly shower will happen as Earth will cross debris trail of comet Swift- Tuttle. The meteors will have size of grain dust up to size of pea. They will appear like shooting stars as they enter earth’s atmosphere.


The Perseids shower are annual and has been observed for at least 2,000 years. It happens as Earth passes through a cloud of the comet’s orbital debris. The comet consists of bits of ice and dust shed from the comet. The fragments burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere creating meteor shower.


Perseids can  be seen from mid- July through late August it will be clearest is a couple of days on either side of the peak. August 11 will be its peak this year and also pre dawn hours of August 12th. The meteor shower can be seen one per minute near the time of maximum activity.


This year Moon will set early in evening and thus view will be clearer.  Also the moon will have crescent shape and it will look gorgeous in the west with brilliant planet Venus.


Find a safe, dark location away from city lights to see the shower. Lie down and face north and look up. The meteor will radiate around the constellation Perseuss but they can appear in line across the sky above you. Enjoy the night !



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