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Out of Body Experiences: And how to Have Them


Published on: February 12, 2023,

Out of body experience is when soul leaves the body and travels through other worlds and dimension. You must have felt you are floating on the ceilings of your room while sleeping. You are having out of body experiences. It has been a fascination subjects to mystics. It is said mystics with advanced yoga practice can leave there body at allocated time and allocated place.


Although it’s a fascinating subject very few people at normal life have out of body experiences but all people have had out of body experiences at some point in their lives. It is also called astral projections. This phenomenon has been recorded since ancient times. A question arises are there other spiritual worlds and do we continue to exist outside physical body.



This is how you can have out of body experiences

1) Lie down and close your eyes

2) Feel you are going slowly into relaxation

3) Imagine you are travelling to space

4) Slowly you will feel you are floating

5) Imagine and direct your soul the place you want to go


It takes some practice and dedication. Visit the places you like with astral projections.


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