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NASA’s Revolutionary Roman Space Telescope Almost Completed


Published on: August 12, 2021,

NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope has recently completed design review of mission’s ground systems. This passing means the plan has met all the design, schedule and budget. There will be planning and scheduling of observations along with managing resulting data from Roman Telescope  which will be around 20 petabytes within five years.


Once it is launched in mid-2020’s the telescope will revolutionize astronomy and its discoveries.  It will win over Hubble, Spitzer and Webb space telescopes. It will be possible to view cosmic surveys, yielding a fortune of information about our solar systems to the edge of observable universe.


“We are excited about the possibilities Roman telescope will bring as all areas of astrophysics will get benefit,” said STScI deputy director Nancy Levenson. Engineers are building novel tools to make best use of this survey oriented telescope. “A lot of work is needed to reach this stage and our team faced a lot of challenge of COVID- 19 pandemic,”said Cristina Oliveira SOC deputy head STScI. The role of telescope will engage and inform astronomical community about is missions.


Expanding Our View

Roman telescope will be able to capture images 100 times larger then single snapshot of Hubble telescope. With this imagery magnifying technique it will be able to do wide field surveys. Roman’s surveys can generate a mountain of data creating new challenges for scientists.


The Science of the Roman Space Telescope

Roman will enable new science in areas of astrophysics. It can search dwarf planets, comets and asteroids in our solar system. Roman telescope will gather Roman’s large field of view which can view high resolution for first time.  Roman will also be able to map distribution of dark matter within cluster of galaxies. With these information new insights into history and structure will be discovered.



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