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NASA’s Perseverance Rover will be Collecting Rock Samples


Published on: August 30, 2021,

In search for ancient life NASA’s Perseverance rover will be collecting  rock samples which will be brought to Earth for further study. This week a robotic arm will abrade the surface nicknamed                   “ Rochette” which will allow scientists to look inside and scientists will want to capture a sample with rover’s coring bit. The sample will be sealed in titanium tubes abroad the rover. The sampling will be initiated next week.


There was mission earlier to capture record on August 6 from the rock but the rock broke into powder and fragments were too small to be kept in tube. The rover has trucked 455 meters a ridge named “ Citadelle.” The team has added a step to sampling process by peering inside sample tube, the rover will ensure a rock core is present. Once it is confirmed Perseverance will seal the tube.


“ After returning samples to Earth, a number of scientific questions including composition of Mars atmosphere will be answered,” said Ken Farley, a scientist at Caltech in Pasadena, California. “ That’s why we’re interested in atmospheric samples.” Perserverance will use subsurface radar, for Radar Imager Subsurface Experiment to peer Citadelle’s rock layer below it.


More About the Mission


Major objective for Perseverance’s mission is astrobiology which will search for ancient microbial life. Perseverance will characterize planet’s geology and past climate. It will pave way for humans to explore Red Planet. Other NASA mission will send spacecraft to Mars to return them to Earth for in depth analysis. This mission is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars that will help prepare human exploration of red planet. JPL, managed for NASA built and manages operations of the Perseverance rover.



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