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NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has been named Science’s 2022 Breakthrough of the Year


Published on: December 19, 2022,

James Webb Telescope has been named JWST’s flight 2022 breakthrough of the year. It took 20 years of development with a cost of 10 billion dollars price tag. With its launch new James Webb Space Telescope opened its golden infrared eye and gave us a glimpse of the universe. Unhindered by Earth’s atmosphere the space telescope provided an unspoiled view of our surrounding universe.


Within the days of coming online in June 2022, researchers began discovering thousands of new galaxies more distant and ancient than any previously documented. The James Webb Telescope is successful as it can capture light enough from astronomical objects ranging from birthing stars to exo planets.  Webb is next great space science observatory following Hubble, designed to answer outstanding questions about our universe and make breakthrough discoveries in all fields of astronomy. Webb will see farther into our origins from the formation of stars and planets.


Runners up for the Breakthrough of the year include the discovery of massive probe nearly 5,000 bigger than many other bacterial cells; the development of perennial rice variety; new insights into how Black Death altered the gene of European and many more. Holden Thrope will select to three winners whose work best exemplifies the related research field to receive the first inaugural Bhaumik Breahthrough of the Year Ahead. The individual’s winner or winners will be announced before end of March.


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