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NASA is Developing Rocket That Will Bring Mars Samples back to Earth


Published on: March 11, 2022,

Mars Ascent Vehicle will be the first rocket to launch from the surface of another planet. Mars is 182 million miles that separate the red clay of Alabama from Mars. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama has made a rocket that will travel the distance. Once it collects sample return also will bring us closer to human exploration missions to the red planet. Mars Ascent Vehicle will bring samples gathered by the Perseverance rover from ancient crater’s floor which it’s now exploring.


Angie Jackman is the project manager of the first rocket to launch from the surface of another planet. The team includes structural, thermal, mechanical systems and propulsion engineers. All of them are deeply familiar with the vital intersection between flight hardware and scientific progress. “Together we are working to transform the Mars Ascent Vehicle from a drawing board concept to an executable project,” Jackman said. Mars Ascent Vehicle will combine vehicle reliability with lightweight mass and storage requirements of a complex payload taps strengths NASA has exhibited before.  The team will have to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.


NASA’s Mars Sample Return mission will revolutionize understanding of Mars by returning samples for study using the most sophisticated instruments around the world. The sample collected by Perseverance rover at river delta are thought to be best opportunity to reveal early evolution of Mars. The mission will fulfill a solar system exploration goal as identified by National Academy of Sciences.


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