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MIT Engineers Develop a Flexible, Paper-Thin Loudspeaker


Published on: April 27, 2022,

MIT engineers have developed a paper thin loudspeaker that can turn any surface into an active audio source. The flexible thin film device has potential to make any surface into a low power, high audio source. The thin loudspeaker produces sound with minimal distortion just using a fraction of energy required by a traditional loudspeaker. The loudspeaker is just a size of hand and weights as much as dime which can generate sound no matter the film is bonded to.


MT engineers used simple fabrication technology to achieve these properties. The thin film loudspeaker can provide active noise cancellation in confused environments. This device can be used in immersive entertainment as it produces three dimensional such as in theater or theme park ride. Also it can be used in smart devices where battery life in limited as it requires small amount of power to operate.


“It feels great to take what looks like a slender sheet of paper and attach two clips and plug it into the headphone port of computer. It can be used anywhere,” says Vladimir Bulovic, the Fariborz Maseeh Chair in Emerging Technology. The new device can be a useful option to music lovers.


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