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Krishna and Krishna Consciousness


Published on: May 16, 2023,

There must have been a boy named Krishna during ancient India in Treta Yuga. But, mystics describe Krishna as consciousness. Krishna had divine visions since his birth. When Kangsha imprisoned Krishna’s father and mother when Krishna was born the chains opened in its own. The village where Krishna was born was very enchanting. His love with Radha is supposed to be very pious. He used to steal curds from the villagers. He used to play flutes and enchant the cows. It must be said Krishna had happy childhood. The scenery can be taken as consciousness in Ancient India.


With this divine visions Krishna gave Arjuna the knowledge of Baghdad Gita. He is said to be the original person of godhead. And may be with his consciousness he dissolved in original person of godhead. If the word is ruled by original person of godhead then his divine visions must have come from original person of godhead. If it can be seen then it’s a light combined with higher chakras in human body. It might be combination of higher chakras such as Indigo, violet and pink.


Anyone can attain Krishna consciousness with meditation and chanting ” Hare Krishna, Hare Ram.”  We all hang posters of Krishna in Nag Panchami. The picture shows Krishna on head of serpents. It mostly represents psychedelic states of mind. It is said greatest person in History such as Alexander the Great had these states. Snake symbolizes kundalini rising in Hinduism. Can rise of Kundalini give you Krishna consciousness?


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