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For the First Time – A Robot Has Learned To Imagine Itself


Published on: August 22, 2022,

Robots are fascinating subjects and are a helping hands to human civilization. For the first time robot created by Columbus Engineers has learnt to understand itself rather than the environment around it. Our perception of our bodies is not always correct to realistic bit it is a crucial factor in how we behave in society. Brain is continuously preparing for movement while you play ball or get dressed. Human develops our body as infants and robots are starting to do the same.


A team of Columbia Engineers revealed that they have developed robot that can learn model of its whole body from scratch without any human aid. The researchers explain their robots built a kinematic model of itself in a recent paper published in Science robotics and how it utilize the model to plan movements accomplish objectives and avoid obstacles in a range of scenarios.


The researchers placed a model a robotic arm within a circle of five streaming video cameras. Like an infant exploring itself for the first time in a hall of mirrors, the robot wiggled and contorted to learn how exactly its body moved in response to various motor commands. After three hours the robot stopped and its internal neural network finished learning the relationship between the robot’s motor actions.


“We were really curious to see how the robot imagined itself,” said Hod Lipson, professor of mechanical engineering and director of Columbia’s Creative Machines Lab, where the work was done. “But you can’t just peek into a neural network, it’s a black box.” The ability of robots to model themselves without being assisted by engineers is important for many reasons. Not only it saves labor but it also allows robots ti keep up with own wear and tear.


With this new finding new potential for future robots are developed. A question arises can robots can use its own brain and be like humans?



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