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Expeditions to Mount Everest makes a Possible way to Understand Low Earth Orbit- NASA


Published on: October 27, 2021,

Climbing Mount Everest is easier than before. Thanks to the technology that made it possible. There are three periods in the history of Mount Everest namely expeditionary period, transitional period and commercial period.


1921-1969 (Expeditionary period): It required hundreds of manpower, tons of equipment and lot of money. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed Everest during this period.

1970-1995  ( Transitional period) :There were new technologies which flourished Commercial expedition that helped more people reach the top of Everest.

1996 and beyond ( Commercial Period): It was easy and affordable for general public to climb Everest then in the 1920s.


Low Earth Orbit is an Earth centered orbit near planet. It is a place where International Space Station has spent two decades playing the role of orbiting laboratory and human habitat. It has period of 128 minutes or less that makes around 11.25 orbits per day. Reaching low- Earth Orbit is lot like climbing Mt. Everest but it is not possible. It is difficult like once climbing Mount Everest was thought. Slowly with new technologies it will become manageable.


NASA is preparing for more expeditions to Moon and Mars and low earth orbit will play a new, expansive and critical role for achieving humanity’s ambition in outer space. Commercialization low Earth Orbit can reduce significant cost to NASA with new innovation like that in Mount Everest. NASA can be one of many customers in low- Earth orbit for extended stay at commercially operated to operating entire space station on its own.


The road ahead for commercial low- Earth orbit is informed by NASA’s own experience. Dreams of NASA to find more of Moon and Mars runs through low- Earth orbit where the cost will be reduced for everyone and much like Mt. Everest will transform exploration for generations to come.







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