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Engineers Create Tiny Robot “Bugs” That Can Go Just About Anywhere


Published on: April 29, 2022,

Robots are friends to humanity and development works in this technical age. There were once ancient bugs like creatures  which could squeeze through tiniest cracks and tight spaces. Taking that motivation University of Pittsburgh Engineers have created insect inspired robots that can monitor hard to reach spots. These robots can carry out any tasks in hard to reach spaces and inhospitable environments.


“ These robots could be used to access confined areas for imaging or environmental evaluation take water samples or perform structural evaluations,” said Junfeng Gao a PhD student at the Swanson School of Engineering. These robots can jump across the surface than crawl thus they are more energy efficient.  The legs are made from polymeric artificial muscle.


The versatile movement and lightweight structure enables the robots which are size of cricket to move along moving surfaces like sand as easily as hard surfaces and even to hop across water.


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