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“Building Blocks of Life” Discovered in Meteorite that Landed in England


Published on: January 16, 2023,

Winchcombe meteorite is a meteorite that was observed entering Earth’s atmosphere as a fireball over England on 28 February 2021. It is a carbon rich meteorite and first meteorite to be found in U.K which had more than 1,000 eyewitnesses and numerous footage of the fireball.


As per new research led by Dr. Queenie Chan form the department of Earth Sciences at Royal Holloway, England the team found organic compounds which holds secrets to origin of lives. The analysis found a range of organic materials which reveal that the meteorite was once a part of an asteroid where a liquid water occurred. And if the asteroid had access to water the molecules would have turned into amino acids and protein which are the building blocks of life.


Dr, Queenie Chan at Royal Holloway, University said, “ Meteorite  fall happened all around the year but the meteorite is so unique as it was observed my numerous eye witnesses recorded and recovered in the UK in the last 30 years.” The stone with which was research was conducted was recovered within 12 hours of fireball observation and was restricted from any terrestrial contamination.  This allowed the researchers to study the organic signature truly essential to the meteorite itself.


The research provided with a window into the past and how simply chemistry kick started the origin of life at the birth of life in Earth and solar system. With this discovery it allowed the researcher to comprehend the fall of similar material to the surface of the Earth, prior to the emergence of life on our own planet.



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