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Be Ready Surfers: Nazaré, Portugal has largest Waves


Published on: February 27, 2022,

Surfing is fun to do in summer. It makes you more close to the sea. Big wave surfers need more skill, strength and courage. And if you have these qualities going to Nazare, Portugal has some of the largest wave ever surfed. In winter waves off North Beach has average about 15 meters high. There are exceptions where surfers can catch a wave of towering around 24 meters.


Satellites have acquired big wave conditions and this happens two surface current collides and water gets pushed downward and the foam floats and accumulates along the margin. There is green plume extending about 10 kilometers from the shore. As per research this happens as sedfloor sediments that have been re suspended by the waves before and after breaking. The green plumes in Portuguese coastal waters are more closely associated with large waves than with increase in rainfall.


Storm systems alone don’t explain why the waves off Nazare are so large. The waves here are magnified and focused by deep underwater canyon measuring 210 kilometers and coming to an end at Nazare Bay. The part of a wave travelling in deep water over the canyon moves faster than the part of the wave in shallow shelf water. The difference in speeds makes water appear to bend. These waves ultimately run into waves approaching from the northwest which never passed through the canyon. The pattern of interference large wave meets large wave can result in the supersized waves famous at Nazare.


Visitors travel great distance to witness Nazare’s monster waves and to watch surfing competitions. People living in the centuries old fishing town have lived side- by side with magnificent waves. They have sustained lives of fishermen and generated a playground long appreciated by local bodyboarders.



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