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Australia’s Rarest Bird of Prey Is Facing Extinction


Published on: March 8, 2023,

The Red Goshawk is powerful red hawk with massive yellow feet and talons designed to quickly subdue its prey. Australia’s rarest bird of prey- the red goshawk is facing extinction. The Cape York Peninsula is the only place in Queensland known to support breeding populations.  As per the research project led by PhD candidate Chris MacColl from The University of Queensland’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences the hawk has very less dwindling numbers. Over four decades the red goshawk has lost third of its historical range. It is barely hanging on in another 30 percent of regions it has previously known to inhabit.


The Top End, Tiwi Islands and Kimberly are red goshawk’s last remaining stronghold making northern Australia critical for its survival. The Unique bird of prey has captivated the bird watchers with its striking reddish- brown plumage, deeply fingered wing tips, heavy yellow legs and oversized talons.


“The threats driving the red goshawk’s decline require further investigation, but we believe habitat loss and degradation have played a key role,” Mr. MacColl said. As increase in agricultural mining and gads projects across northern Australia pose a real risk to species like this. The governments and communities need to be proactive in conserving remaining habitats.  Northern Australia supports the largest intact tropical savanna eco system in the world and hosts and abundance of bio diversity. Conservation efforts at securing species like this will benefit many species as the red goshawk is a top predator.


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