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Artificial Intelligence can Generate Interesting Titles for Research Articles


Published on: December 24, 2021,

Artificial intelligence is defined as human like thinking capacity for machines. A study in the Christmas issue of the BMJ finds artificial intelligence can generate plausible, entertaining and scientifically interesting titles for potential research articles. BMJ’s popular research articles finds the generated titles were as attractive to readers mostly to Christmas related articles. It is also possible in other areas of medicine, performance that was enhanced by human input.


The researchers used the titles fo the BMJ’s 13 most read Christmas research articles and AI generated titles which was scored for scientific merit, entertainment and plausibility.  The result showed AI general titles were rated at least as enjoyable  (64% v 69%) and attractive (70% v 68%) as real titles, although the real titles were rated as more plausible (73% v 48%).


But AI generated some funniest titles. Thus it is found that AI’s has inability to see the real world application of a study and to understand is titles are offensive. But it was found that AI has the potential to generate plausible outputs that are engaging and could attract potential readers.


AI is already used to help doctors diagnose conditions based on the idea that computers systems can learn from data and identify patters. A question arises can AI be used to generate worthwhile hypothesis for medical research?


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