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All Great Things take Time: NASA Outlines Challenges, Progress for Artemis Moon Missions


Published on: November 10, 2021,

Artemis, in Greek religion is the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation and of chastity and childbirth. Artemis program is a United States led international human spaceflight program. It major goal is to return humans to the Moon, specifically to the south pole of moon. In a major Artemis update provided under Biden- Harris administration NASA discussed challenges and plan of Artemis mission exploring the Moon and sending astronauts to Mars. NASA administrator Bill Nelson spearheaded the conversation paving the path for early Artemis mission.


The update follows a judge’s recent decision to uphold NASA’s selection of SpaceX to develop and demonstrate a modern human lunar lander for returning astronauts to the Moon for the first time in more than 50 years. Nelson said, “We are eager to get back to work together and establish a new timeline for lunar demonstration mission. Returning to the Moon as quickly and safely as possible is an agency priority. However the first human landing is no likely than 2025.”


Nelson announced the Orion spacecraft development cost now $9.3 billion from fiscal year 2012 and crewed flight test is no later than May 2024. The Artemis II mission includes sending astronauts aboard Orion farther into space than any humans have ever traveled before, roughly 40,000 miles past the Moon, before returning home.


“ Going forward, NASA is planning for at least 10 Moon landings in future. The agency needs significant increases in funding for further lander competition, starting with the 2023 budget,” said Nelson. There are efforts to reduce costs. The agency has issued a request for information to industry to maximize efficiencies in the Space Launch System.


NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy said, ” It is one of the milestone of humanity- the scope of it from SLS to Orion to Gateway, human landing systems, ground systems, communications and more. We will do so first in the Moon and then at Mars. But we are NASA, and we are rising to the challenge.”




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