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A Tihar Special: Can Using Goddess Laxmi’s Tool Sri Yantra Make You Wealthier?


Published on: November 3, 2021,

Tihar is one of the biggest festival of Nepali people. Tihar is here and Laxmi Puja is tomorrow. Laxmi is goddess of wealth and well-being. We all pray Goddess Laxmi on this auspicious day. We hope money in return. There is a belief and myth that she will walk in our homes in dusk and bless us with wealth. A question arises can using Goddess Laxmi’s tool Sri Yantra make us wealthier?


The very word Yantra means a tool. Yantra’s is a mystical diagram of certain goddess mainly from Tantric traditons of Indian religions. By using yantra’s we can tap into certain hidden and spiritual powers. Yantra is made of sacred geometry. Sri Yantra is Laxmi’s tool made of mystical diagram for fulfillment of wealth related material desires and wealth related spirituality. It too has both philosophical meaning and is a powerful source of inspiration.


Sri Yantra consists of nine triangles. The central point of traditional yantras have bindu or point, which represents the main deity associated with the yantra.. Four of them are upward and represent unmanifest power of the universe. They represent masculine aspect of divinity. The five triangles facing down represents the divine feminine aspect of the world. Sri Yantra forms a unity between both masculine and feminine forces. It has been mentioned in Upanisads, Vedas and other ancient texts.



A Sri Yantra should be placed in the North-East directing of your space and should only be placed on a Friday. Sri Yantra is source of supreme energy a divine powerhouse of energy and magnetic powers. It picks particular type of cosmic rays and transforms them into positive advantageous vibrations and transmits in the places it is installed. It has supreme mystical powers which can be experienced in short duration of time. Sri Yantra heps in cleaning negative energies. It can make wealth favorable for us and manifest wealthy desires.


To use Sri Yantra position the yantra so its centre is at eye and a bit distance away. Set the timer for five minutes. Close your eyes and see the triangle in your mind’s eye. Allow your visions to expand in include the circles outside the triangles. Bring your awareness to lotus petal outside the circle. If you do not want to buy Sri Yantra a picture to meditate is enough.


So clearly using Sri Yantra can make us wealthier and helps to manifest our wealthy desires. Do no forget to install it and use it tomorrow on Laxmi Puja. Happy tihar ! Stay safe ! Stay blessed !







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