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A New Disposable Paper Battery has been developed


Published on: September 23, 2022,

Batteries are friends to modern tools and technology. Scientists have developed new paper batteries which is water activated and could be applied to broad range of single use electronic devices. The battery was developed by Gustav Nystrom and colleagues and it consists of one cell that is centimeter squared and is made of three inks that have been printed on a rectangular piece of paper. The paper strip is covered with sodium chloride salt and one of its shorter ends has been dipped in wax.


The salts in the paper dissolve when a small quantity of water is added which releases charged ions. These ions spread across the paper to activate the battery which causes zinc in the ink the negative end of battery to release electrons. There lies positive end and negative end. The negative end has graphite and carbon black containing where the positive inks contains graphite containing end.


To demonstrate the ability of battery to run lower power electronics the authors combined two cells into one battery and used it to power an alarm clock with liquid crystal display. The analysis revealed that after two drop-s of water were added the battery activated within 20 seconds.


The voltage for battery is 1.5 volts. The performance decreased significantly after one hour and maintained a stable operation of 0.5 volts for more than one additional hour. The author propose that sustainability of battery can be further increased by minimizing the amount of zinc within the ink which also allows the amount of electricity that battery generates to be precisely controlled.


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