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A Future Aircraft Designed Using Advanced Supercomputing at NASA


Published on: March 21, 2023,

NASA is always working on new inventions and technologies. The inventions range from satellites to aircrafts. The image above is generated by NASA’s high performance computer shows a Transonic Truss Braced Wing ( TTBW) aircraft concept being tested in a virtual wind tunnel showing how its wings interact with air around them. In the above dark red are along the front of the wing represents higher speed airflows as TTBW’s wings and they are thinner than those of today’s commercial airliners.


The TTBW aircraft will produce less drag due to its longer thinner wings supported by aerodynamics trusses. It will consume 10% less jet fuel than a standard aircraft. The image was created by advanced super computing division at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California. NASA selected a TTBW concept form the Boeing Company for its sustainable Flight Demonstration Project.


NASA and Boeing have joined forces to design a Tran-sonic Truss Braced Wing aircraft incorporating cutting edge technology that can enhance the fuel efficiency of commercial aircraft. The aircraft has unique structure featuring a high aspect ratio wing. NASA’s Advanced Air Transport technology project has initiated a collaborative multi center effort to create new simulation technique to forecast the TTBW’s performance and that of similar truss braced wing configuration particularly for predicting transonic buffet onset


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