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Summary of Jewel of Spiritual teachings Bhagavad Gita


Published on: June 27, 2022,

Bhagavad Gita is a jewel of Indian spiritual teachings. It was dictated directly by original person of Godhead (Krishna) to Arjuna in battlefield of Kurushetra. Arjun laments to Krishna seeing his enemies full of relatives, teachers, loved ones in enemy side and Krihsna dictates the teachings. Thousands years after dictation the knowledge is pure and pious. It consists of life changing teachings. The book is 900 pages long and following is my summary and my take of Bhagavad Gita.


The spirit soul is so small that is impossible to kill him by any weapons. Body is just the home of soul. So no living entity is killable. Soul has no birth and death. The soul is indestructible.


Simply by chanting “ Hare Krishna. Hare Ram” and focusing on Krishna one can merge into Krishna consciousness. There are two classes of people who realize the self. Some do it by philosophical speculation and others by devotional services.


When one is awake in Krishna consciousness all activities are on absolute peace and there are no dualities like good or bad. A person needs no longer endeavor for good results in his activities.


Yoga means to concentrate the mind upon the supreme. Those who merges in Krishna consciousness gets elevated to highest spiritual kingdom.


Demigods are followers of Vishnu. They provide fire, water and grain to people. When Krishna is worshiped demigods are automatically worshipped.


A living entity are all parts and parcel of supreme and are originally spiritual. They are free of all material contamination. One should control the senses and focus on supreme. The living entities are part of supreme and knowing it is called Krishna consciousness.


The supreme personality of Godhead is unborn and even in millenniums the transcendental nature remains original. The supreme personality of Godhead is unborn, eternal and bliss. One who knows the transcendental won’t take born again and dwells in eternity. He is free from karma.

There is nothing pure then transcendental knowledge devoted to supreme personality of godhead.  Chanting and remembering Krishna at death attains the supreme. Transcendental form of Krishna is most attractive form in the world. His eyes are like lotus. The color of his body is like color of clouds. He wears saffron cloths and wears a garland in neck. His hair is like that of peacocks.


This age is called Kali age. There are four such ages. There are total of 432,000 years. It’s been only 5000 years Kali age has existed. There is significant drop in spirituality in this age compared to this age.


Process of devotional service to Krishna is king of all knowledge and confidential knowledge.


Krishna has divine manifestations. Krishna is victory, adventure and strength of the strong.


One cannot see, hear, and understand the supreme lord and see his universal form. So to see the original personality of godhead one must given a power. Krishna gives power to Arjuna to see it. He gives Arjuna to see particular visions to see universal form. In his universal form there are unlimited mouths, unlimited mouths, unlimited eyes with celestial ornaments and divine weapons. He has celestial garlands and has divine scents. There are thousands of heads of gods and demigods. Even there were thousands of suns the radiant might resemble of supreme person in his universal form. Arjuna was bewildered and astonished seeing the universal form. The universal form has no beginning, no middle and no end. All the Kauravas and all the army from both sides were thrashing in his mouth.


Material nature consists of three mode goodness, passion and ignorance.


Seeing universal form and hearing from Krishna Arjuna becomes ready to fight. At the end Pandavas get victory and all of the Kauravas die. It is said there were weapons of mass destruction that were used. After  the victory the society was re organized and moral values were re sown.



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    Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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