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NASA Continues to Prepare Artemis I Moon Rocket for Launch


Published on: July 11, 2022,

NASA is preparing for launch of another rocket to moon named Artemis I moon rocket. Workers have extended the access platforms surrounding rocket and spacecraft to prepare repairs and undertake final procedures and it will be returned to launch pad 39BG for the launch of Artemis mission. Space launch system (SLS) and Orion has returned to vehicle assembly building at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


Technicians are hard at work inspecting, testing and fixing equipment associated with a seal on the quick disconnect tail service which had a hydrogen leak during wet dress rehearsal that ended on June 20. Engineers are inspecting the area where they will replace two seals on quick disconnect hardware. In addition teams performed other planned work on aspects of the rocket and spacecrafts. Engineers swapped out a computer on the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage which was wet and will be used on flight. They will test the unit next week.


Several batteries for rocket elements including for the solar rocket boosters ISCPs have been activated by technicians. The batteries on core stage will be activated in coming weeks then the batteries will be installed. These installed batteries will provide power for the rocket elements during final potion on the countdown on the launch day.


With this scientists hope find more about our natural and neighbor satellite. The scientists hope this lunar mission will be success


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