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Law of Attraction and How to Use it


Published on: July 11, 2022,

It is said that law of attraction can give you anything. There might be time delay but as things manifest in future will come to you. I have used it and it has given me everything I wanted. As a human being it has given me anything a human being would want.


The original book “ The Secret: The Law of Attraction” is written by Rhonda Byrne. It is a good book which gives you insight to how to get everything you want. The basic theory is you are a magnet and you draw nails from reality. Below is my take of law of attraction and how to use it.


Feel good

Feel good, be romantic. Be happy in tune. Create pleasant vibes.


Thought become things

It is said a man is what he thinks. You make mental imagery based on your thoughts. Focus on what you want.


Create a vision board

A vison board is a collection of pictures on what you want. Collect a bunch of pictures and paste them on your wall. Look at it during your leisure.


Aim high, achieve higher

Have a aim or goal that you can dedicate your whole life to.



Albert Einstein once said, “ imagination is more powerful then knowledge.” Imagine you have all the things you desire.


Healthy respect

Have a healthy respect for things around you.



Be grateful for things you possess you will end up having more. Gratitude brings more things you are grateful in your life.


A positive mindset

A positive mindset create positive circumstances. Be positive.


If you use these techniques everything you want will come sooner or later to you !!


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