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CINEROYALE: A new Benchmark in Cinematic experience in Nepal


Published on: July 27, 2023,

Cineroyale, a three-screen modern luxury movie theatre, has opened its door for all the movie goers and has changed the present perception of cinema theatres in Nepal.

With its advanced technologies, plush seating, immersive sound and its lavish ambience, Cineroyale has set an unprecedented benchmark for cinema theatre in Nepal.


With 560 seats in 3 auditoriums, Cineroyale is a masterpiece of modern art deco design

offering a slew of cutting-edge technologies and refined luxury experience creating a project of National Pride which has brought Nepal on the international map of luxury modern cinema theatres.


This theatre is a result of years of research and hardwork of Dr. Rahul Thapa, a dynamic, visionary and an inspirational youth.

The theatre is equipped with Nepal’s first JBL Atmos sound system in all the auditorium imported from the United States of America.


The projection system in all the auditoriums are 20,000 lumens Barco projectors from Belgium with Galalite Mirage 3.2 Prizm 3D silver screens and 3 beam Get-D 3D system from Hongkong, providing a striking image quality and color accuracy.

The seating comfort is prioritized with Spectrum seating from Malaysia for the first time in Nepal. The theatre provides a mixture of recliners, loungers and slider seats in all of its theatres.


The culinary delights are freshly prepared in-house in a fully electric eco-friendly kitchen equipped with industry leading technology from USA.

Cineroyale adheres to all the international safety standards with a state-of-the-art fire safety system and fully fire-retardant auditoriums.

The theatre even employs Nepal’s first automated GDC theater management system which ensures centralized control over the multiplex.

Promising a revitalizing cinema experience, Cineroyale has indeed set a new Benchmark in movie exhibition industry in the country, leaving movie goers with an experience they will never forget. This theater aims to attract movie lovers even from India and is surely going to contribute to tourism, where movie lovers cross the border will be a part of this extravagant journey.



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