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“OPPO Presents The Voice of Nepal-3” Enters Live Round with Top 12


Published on: July 7, 2021,

“OPPO Presents The Voice of Nepal-3” is currently leading the charts as the most watched Television program in Nepal. Introduced in Nepal as franchise of international reality show “The Voice”; is being title sponsored by leading global smartdevice brand OPPO. OPPO sponsored the program with an aim to provide platform to Nepali Talents seeking for an opportunity to come into mainstream commented Mr. Pearson Shen, Marketing Head, OPPO Nepal.

Right now the program has entered live round with its TOP 12 contestants. The program has already provided the country with many singing talents. Contestants still in program along with those who are eliminated are gaining huge popularity and now are being considered as stars. OPPO always aims to represents a future filled with warmth, openness and wonders and with the show the company seems to be getting a step closer with its objective.

Boundary less Popularity:

“OPPO presents The Voice of Nepal-3” is a reality show where voting from viewers and audience hugely matters from the live round. Hence forth, each week to keep the contestants safe from elimination unlimited votes will be casted informed the organizers. Looking at previous seasons, The contestants will be getting votes not only from Nepal but equally from abroad as well. Through this it can be clearly seen that the program and contestants are hugely popular abroad too. Due to which eliminated as well as contestants who are still running for the title hunt are getting many proposals to perform abroad through various organizers. Utilizing the popularity contestants eliminated are already coming up with their own or cover version of popular songs. The appraisals and popularity they are gaining through Social Medias clearly proves that they are already now established as stars in Nepali music industry. This ultimately is fulfilling OPPO’s aim of bringing joy to Nepali viewers and directly/indirectly contributing towards the Nepali entertainment industry with extremely talented singing stars.

Program in trending list:

Nepal Edition of international franchise “The Voice” is gaining huge popularity. Increasing craze and its viewership in almost all the Social Medias such as Facebook, YouTube, tiktok, instagram etc. is more than enough to quote its success status. Looking at the public gossips in town and popularity of program the winner along with other contestants will undoubtedly be getting celebrity status alongside. “We believe through this tie-up with “The Voice of Nepal” Music industry in Nepal will be getting a huge singing super star” said Mr. Shen.


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