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How to Prepare for Exams ( Few Hints)


Published on: March 1, 2023,

There are two things certain in life and they are exams and taxes. Exams are integral part of student’s life. We give exams from nursery classes to Ph. D. With access to libraries to internet there are more facility to exams. A question arises are there are techniques via which you can get good marks.

I have been toping classes since kinder garden till my under graduate level. Yes there are certain techniques and studying methodology via which you can prepare for exams and get better marks. These are as follows.


Allocate a certain time to study. Arrange studying time as per your schedule and be fresh and positive.


Study few hours and do it daily. It is better to study few hours a day rather than studying twelve hours and day and not studying for a week.


Use ‘Super Learning’ and word chords. Super learning and making chords can remember you better. For example there was a balance sheet where Liabilities was on one side and  assets on other side. I remembered this by remembering L.A ( Los Angeles) for Liabilities and assets.


Read three times for exams. At first read it thoroughly then read it carefully and revise before examinations.


Using chewing gums or chocolates even tea or coffee can stimulate your brain power.


The things you study before sleep or after you wake up is mostly memorable by brain. So study before you sleep and study after you get up.


Rather than just rotting read and write. The stuffs you write is more memorable then you rot.


Take short naps while studying. If you study for hour take a ten minutes break for your next session.


Make sure your pen is good and your pencil is sharp. Make sure your calculator works well.


Get a good night sleep the night before your exams.


Revise thoroughly before fifteen minutes of exams.


Write in clean handwriting and make sure you make your copy look attractive.


Using the above technique have worked for me and will work for you well. Next time use these techniques while you give exams and be patient. Happy reading!


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