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Softwarica College in collaboration with Hack the Box “Capture the Flag Bootcamp 2023” held in Nepal


Published on: June 26, 2023,

Softwarica College, in collaboration with Hack the Box, is proud to announce the highly anticipated “Capture the Flag Bootcamp 2023” event. This exciting event will be held at Softwarica College Block E and aims to provide students with a unique opportunity to enhance their cybersecurity skills and knowledge.


Capture the Flag (CTF) is an engaging cybersecurity event where participants exploit vulnerabilities and solve challenges to acquire “flags.” These flags represent hidden information strategically placed within servers and computer systems. By participating in this event, students will experience real-world cybersecurity scenarios, allowing them to develop their skills and think like both hackers and defenders.


The competition is open to second and third-year students, with approximately 150 participants expected to participate. Additionally, this event fosters education, skill development, team building, and networking, and provides a platform for security assessment, and research, enabling participants to gain hands-on IT experience.


The primary objective of the “Capture the Flag Bootcamp 2023” is to prepare students for their future careers and make them industry-ready graduates. Softwarica College frequently organizes these competitions to provide students with practical experience, and exposure to real IT work environments with a platform for showcasing abilities and establishing connections within the industry.


We are delighted to announce that the event will feature esteemed guest speakers and Hackthebox Meetup mentors: Shishir Subedi, Nirmal Thapa, Santosh Bhandari, and Samip Pokharel. These experienced mentors will motivate participants and provide guidance on the skills required to excel in CTF competitions.


“Capture the Flag Bootcamp 2023” promises to be an exciting event where students can enhance their cybersecurity expertise, foster teamwork, and expand their professional network. Softwarica College is dedicated to providing students with real-world exposure by hosting events such as the “Capture the Flag Bootcamp 2023,” boosting their employability and professional progress.



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