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Ramesh Corp. Honors Founder’s Legacy with Tree Plantation Event Celebrating Growth and Unity


Published on: March 23, 2024,

Kathmandu, Nepal, 18th March, 2024.

Ramesh Corp. commemorated the birth anniversary of its founder, Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta, on March 18th, 2024, with a Tree Plantation event, honoring his memory and commitment to social responsibility.


Founders Day serves as an annual occasion to tribute the memory and values of Late Shri. Ramesh Gupta, fostering reflection on his enduring legacy and the principles he instilled in the company.


This year, the 4th Founder’s Day was celebrated with a tree plantation event at Jagdol, Kathmandu, themed “Growth and Unity,” focusing on Ramesh Corp.’s core values of Integrity, Pioneer, Spirit, Speed, Authenticity, and Professionalism.


The main highlight was the tree plantation initiative, symbolizing the company’s commitment to sustainability. Proactive measures were taken to ensure sustainability, reflecting Ramesh Corp.’s devotion to environmental stewardship.


During the event, our people were recognized for their dedication and performance, reinforcing the company’s commitment to fostering a culture that upholds its core principles.


Ramesh Corp., a diversified conglomerate in Nepal, reaffirms its dedication to sustainability, community engagement, and fostering a culture of excellence through initiatives like tree plantation and employee recognition, contributing positively to both the environment and society.


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