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NASA’s Webb Telescope Honored with Michael Collins Trophy


Published on: March 25, 2023,

The James Webb Telescope is a space telescope currently conducting infrared astronomy. It is in space and is equipped with high resolution and high sensitivity instrument which allows to view distant object. It was launched in 2021 and has received the 2023 Michael Collins Trophy for Lifetime and current achievements. This award is handed to outstanding achievements in the fields of aerospace science and technology.


“The James Webb Space Telescope team’s dedication and ingenuity is an inspiration to the world,” said NASA Associate Administrator Bob Cabana. With James Webb telescope the mission can represent the best humanity and are critical understand universe better. With its optics performing nearly twice as well as the mission required Webb has discovered some of the earliest galaxies ever observed. Webb has also captured new views of planet within our solar system and clearest look at Neptune’s rings in decades.


The James Webb Telescope is allowing us to study a time when the first stars and galaxies formed in the universe. This achievement has been possible by the dedication of the thousands of people on the team who have pushed the boundaries of technology to deliver the spectacular space telescope. Winner receive a trophy featuring a miniature version of “Web of Space” sculpture which was created by John Safer from Washington. The award was established in 1985 and was renamed in honor of Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Colin in 2020. In the coming days the team has hoped to generate more finding of our universe and place in it.



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