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What is Illuminati? Are Secret Societies Real?


Published on: February 20, 2023,

The word “ Illuminati” means enlightened. There is believed to be secret organizations which is thought to be both real and fictitious. Notably the pyramid in dollar bills is thought to be symbol of Illuminati. Historically, the name is entitled to Bavarian Illuminati founded in 1 May, 1776 and the societies were thought to oppose which opposed superstition obscurantism , religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. It is said that historical figures like William Shakespeare,Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  and Johann Gottfried von Herder  , were thought to be members of illuminati. So illuminati is a secret society and secret societies are real.


As per my view one percent people occupy ninety nine percent of worlds finances. In a normal world a person goes to educational institutions and graduates. Then, he gets a job then marries and settles down. This cycle of life is maintained by illuminati and members of illuminati like  William Shakespeare whose works has been a source of knowledge to middle class families. I think part of what they joined illuminati to enlighten the rest of the world with their works.   And I believe even though one percent of money is occupied by middle class families there is fair amount of money for ninety nine percent to live happily.


Another question arises are the politically top ranked people and  U.S president members of illuminati? It is questionable as there is pyramid in dollars bills with an eye on top represents Illuminati? I think illuminati is  not very bad  organization whose one agenda is to save ancient knowledge and pass it from one generation to other. And I think some top ranking people are members of illuminati. Though, in one of the speeches President John F. Kennedy has said to be condemned secret societies.


There are supposed to be many secret societies. And some are accused of conspiring world organization, planting agents in government and corporations in order to gain political power and establish new world order. And not all secret societies are good. But Illuminati holds good agendas since its inception.







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