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Published on: November 21, 2022,


“There is a man in my mind. And that’s who is mastermind.” – Mastermind


“ Mastermind” is book written by Roshan B. Karki taking inspirations from politics, metaphysics, love and mythical subjects. Mastermind is combination of poetry, speeches, metaphysical writings and short story all in one. There are heart touching poems about childhood, god, heaven and hell. You will be thrilled by political speeches written by the author for US government. The metaphysical writings will uncover what lies on the other of human existence and other side of door. The short story is a story about a U.S president who tricks a Nazi Government and save ten million lives.


About Roshan B. Karki (Author of Mastermind)


Roshan B. Karki ( Roshan Bikram Kark) is a poet, writer, musician, entrepreneur and politician. He was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has attended Loras College, USA as a honors student to pursue undergraduate in Creative writing. “Mastermind” is twentieth  book by the author. He published his book independently via create space. Although he is an Asian his creative sources include western writers and western philosophy.  His books have appeared worldwide on major online websites. His major genres are poetry, science fiction and fantasy. In the coming days with the help from readers he aims to publish his books physically and go on world tours reading poetry. Please give his books a read and welcome the new genre of writing!


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Karki’s books are too available in Nepal. You can click on following link to get one.

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