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Published on: September 27, 2022,

“An Elf showed me a map of the earth. The earth was hollow from the inside and seven spheres lay inside it and sustained life. One world can be reached by another through poles. Only special aircraft could do that. There was a place on top of the surface called “Bermuda Triangle.” It could lead to higher dimensions where Egyptians and people from Atlantis disappeared. The elves called it “The Gate.” There lay treasure maps beneath the surface of the Earth, which were a secret. But the elves were afraid of human technology and wanted to keep their world safe. “– A Paragraph from “Chasing Aliens”



About Roshan B. Karki ( Author of Chasing Aliens)


Roshan B. Karki ( Roshan Bikram Kark) is a poet, writer, musician, entrepreneur and politician. He was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has attended Loras College, USA as a honors student to pursue undergraduate in Creative writing. “Chasing Aliens” is eighteenth book by the author. He published his book independently via create space. Although he is an Asian his creative sources include western writers and western philosophy.  His books have appeared worldwide on major online websites. His major genres are poetry, science fiction and fantasy. In the coming days with the help from readers he aims to publish his books physically and go on world tours reading poetry. Please give his books a read and welcome the new genre of writing!


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Book Summary of “Chasing Aliens”


A boy named Arthur is happy in solitude with his castle and his horse named Adelius. He finds secret cave through which can lead to the other world. At first he finds a place called Riverdin where he finds his true love named Aliya. He finds a forest which is ruled by Goddess Enki. They worship a tree which heals the forest. Soon an ascension happens and Animals make their own civilization. They leave the forest and while coming back to the Earth they come to New York. They discover Earth has seven spheres inside it which are home to other civilizations. They save second sphere ruled by Elves from a meteor attack. Soon they live happily ever after they discover there their home and Riverdin lies on third sphere.


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