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Angels: A Short Description and What are they


Published on: May 12, 2023,

Angels are spiritual beings.


They are bodies of lights. But they do not have spiritual powers.


You must have noticed at time when you are in car or home you think of songs and it immediately pops up in the radio or tv. It’s sign of presence of angels.


People get possessed by angels. People get guided by angels. Sometimes creative works are guided by angels.


If you are spiritually evolved then you will see angels. They look like thin sprinkles in the air or sky.


Angels are supposed to help spiritual figures like Buddha and Jesus.


Your guardian angels are usually of past relatives such as your late grandmother or relatives.


If you occasionally see numbers like 11:11, 11:21. 11:11 it’s guardian angels tying to communicate with you and let you know that you are in right direction.


It is supposed that angels are supposed to entertain to kings of heaven as some creative works are guided by angels.


Once possessed by angels you will be guided to higher worlds or the worlds of gods.


And angels are wonderful spiritual beings.




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