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VG Impex collaborates with Nabil Bank for Financing GWM Vehicles in Nepal


Published on: July 4, 2023,

KATHMANDU, 30th June 2023:

VG IMPEX Pvt. Ltd., A sole authorized importer, and distributor of the GWM Brand of Vehicles for Nepal, has signed an agreement with Nabil Bank Limited for financing its Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) models (Haval Jolion, Haval H6, GWM Poer, and GWM Wingle 5) and Electric Vehicle (EV) Model (Ora 03). Mr. Rupesh Sharma Bhatta, Vice President of VG Impex (GWM-Nepal), and Ms. Chandani Shrestha, Head of Retail Lending of Nabil Bank Limited and signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU) today.

The signed memorandum of understanding offers customers the financing option for their choices of GWM models through Nabil Bank. Nabil Bank will provide auto loans up to 50% to ICE Models at the interest rate of 12.90 % and up to 80% in the case of EVs at the rate of 12.15 %. Loan Tenure will be 7 years for both cases. The contract signed between the two parties will enable a large number of automobile enthusiasts to easily obtain the vehicle of their choice from GWM- Nepal. Customers can visit the nearest Nabil Bank Branch with the required documents to apply for Auto Loan.


The company hopes that this MOU with one of Nepal’s largest banks shall make GWM’s ownership more accessible to all.



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