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Segway Electric Scooters Now Available at 0% Interest!


Published on: August 3, 2023,
“0% Interest Rate up to 5 Lakhs; Easy Financing; Flexible EMI for up to 18 Month; Complimentary Accessories and Maintenance; 
Attractive Exchange Offer; Tailored Down Payment”

Kathmandu, August 03, 2023-

iHub Pvt. Ltd., the leading technology and mobility company and an authorized distributor of Segway-Ninebot in Nepal, is delighted to introduce its revolutionary 0% Financing Service for Segway Electric scooters, making it easily accessible to all.

With a strong commitment to sustainable transportation choices, Segway’s 0% Financing Service aims to empower individuals across Nepal to own their dream electric scooter without the burden of interest on the loan amount, up to Rs 5 lakh. This exclusive offer extends to all Segway models, including the popular N100, E100, E110L, and E125, ensuring that customers have a diverse range of cutting-edge personal mobility options to choose from.

The 0% Financing Service is designed with customer convenience in mind, offering flexible EMI plans that span up to 18 months. This ensures that riders can enjoy a seamless and affordable ownership experience, making their Segway Electric scooter purchase a joyous and practical investment.

As part of its dedication to customer satisfaction, Segway is delighted to complement the purchase with a valuable bundle of complimentary accessories. Each scooter package comes with a helmet, a scooter cover, a raincoat, and one-year annual maintenance, enhancing the overall value of the offering.

At Segway, the company recognizes the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. With this in mind, Segway is thrilled to present an attractive exchange offer, allowing individuals to trade in their existing scooters for a brand-new Segway Electric scooter. This initiative is thoughtfully tailored to each customer’s income source, ensuring that they embark on a personalized, hassle-free journey to scooter ownership.

Their collaboration with esteemed financial institutions, including NIC Asia Bank, Machhapuchhare Bank, and Tapai Ko Bazar, enables the realization of the 0% Financing Service, making it a reality for its valued customers. Together, they share a common vision of promoting eco-friendly urban mobility and contributing to a greener future.

About Segway:

For over two decades, Segway has been a leading global provider of personal transportation solutions, dedicated to enhancing the mobility and independence of riders worldwide. With a wealth of experience in the industry, Segway remains committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions that cater to the fast-paced demands of today’s world. Present in more than 80 countries and regions, Segway-Ninebot’s world-renowned intellectual property continues to inspire the creation of cutting-edge products that will lead users and the entire industry into the future.



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