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GWM Breaks 1 million Annual Sales for 8 years in a row


Published on: January 9, 2024,

GWM has achieved remarkable success in its international expansion, selling 1.23 million units worldwide and reaching an annual sales milestone of 300,000 units in foreign markets. As of December, monthly overseas sales had reached a staggering 33,476, demonstrating the company’s significant global presence.


The key to this impressive achievement is GWM’s extensive experience in technology and market strategy, as well as a forward-thinking approach to global expansion. GWM’s product offerings are strategically tailored to meet local demand in a variety of global markets. The GWM Tank 500, known for its powerful engine and off-road capabilities, gained popularity in the Middle East. Continuing from this success, the premium GWM TANK 700 sold out in 55 seconds during its November pre-sale. GWM ORA, the new energy brand, has received critical acclaim in Europe and South Africa, solidifying its position in key market segments.


GWM’s pragmatic and grounded approach has resonated with global customers, earning the company recognition and prestigious awards. The GWM Haval H6 NEV won four major annual awards in Brazil. In the 2023 South African Annual Pickup Model Competition, the GWM P Series won the title of “Best Pickup Model” in the 100–120 kW power category. GWM ORA 03 received a five-star rating from Green NCAP, LCA, and the TopGear South Africa “2023 Annual Award.”. GWM WEY 03, WEY 05, and ORA 03 have all received the European E-NCAP five-star rating. GWM Brand was also acknowledged in the 2023 BrandZ “China Global Brand Top 20.”. These accolades contribute to the continuous increase in market share for GWM’s New Energy Vehicles (NEV).


At the core of GWM’s sales success is the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology research and development. Proprietary Hi4 and Hi4-T technologies iterate rapidly in response to changing consumer demands, contributing to the swift rise in market share for new energy vehicles. The Coffee OS and intelligent cabin ecosystem are user-friendly, enhancing the overall driving experience.


GWM’s dedication to independent research and development has garnered widespread recognition for its technological prowess, resulting in the milestone of 300,000 units sold overseas. This certified strength has facilitated collaborations with global enterprises. In June, GWM established a strategic partnership with Inchcape, a major automotive distributor. In July, GWM Holding Group’s FTXT Energy signed a cooperation agreement with Italy’s CNR for hydrogen energy projects, advancing the transformation towards green energy. GWM also accelerated overseas production with Knock Down (KD) factories in Pakistan, Ecuador, and a new project in Malaysia last year.


In its 26-year global journey, GWM has prioritized the “One GWM” vision and adopted a “Global Ecosystem” strategy. The company’s success in overseas markets stems from continuous exploration, a user-centric approach, win-win collaborations, and a down-to-earth attitude.


Looking ahead, GWM will host the 2024 GWM Global Fan Festival to deepen connections with users and share the year’s achievements and joys. As GWM and its users embark on the future journey of globalization, they anticipate a brilliant and shared future.









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