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Programiz Reached 15 million Page Views per Month – Learn to Code Free From Programiz


Published on: August 19, 2021,

Programiz is a platform to learn coding. You can learn python programming, C programming, Java programming, C++, DS & Algorithms, Kotlin, Swift Java script programming from this platform. It is Nepali site with possibly highest no. of global views. The site has crossed 15 million page views and has introduced in almost 200 countries.


Its tutorials are easy to read and simple to understand. Programiz is small team of developers working to create programming resources. It is mostly used by 15-25 age group. With its introduction in 200 counties it has grounded mostly in India, US, Canada, Germany and Nepal.


How was Programiz Initiated?


Three Engineering students  Ranjit Bhatta, Aswin Shrestha and Punit Jajodia formulated idea of programiz as they went to learn about C programming at Putalisadak. It was founded by Ranjit Bhatta a digital marketing professionals.


How did Programiz grow?


From the day Jajodia and Shrestha aligned with Bhatta. They started tutorial for C and python programming language. Later on the tutorials caught market. The traffic has increased by 10 times by now. Though compiler is another feature available for mobile apps more than 70 percent use Programiz as desktop learning.



There is no doubt that  team is filled with pro-active and aspiring individuals which lead to success of programiz. The shutting down of first project ‘’ was stepping stone for Programiz.’s vision was to provide platform for freelancers and create jobs. Jajodia recalls, “Three of the major mistakes were hiring too many employees, working on many domains and investing less.”


Programiz is working on getting more people in their team. But the problem is getting the right people. Programiz envisions to partner with local colleges, world class IT companies and corporate houses. Also they envision to customize edtech platform so local colleges and students will be benefited. They too aim to become accessible platform for coding for the fresher’s.





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